Annual conference

Hosted in a different city each year in partnership with the local street paper, our international conference is a highlight of the street paper calendar. The event is specifically tailored to street paper needs and is the only forum where street paper staff can meet with colleagues from around the world to learn from each other, share experience and form partnerships. For many street papers operating in isolation with limited resources, the conference provides them with vital inspiration, motivation, ideas and support. The conference also gives us at INSP the opportunity to learn from our members and work on network-wide projects. As many street papers have limited resources, we also work hard to raise funds to support travel bursaries and secure pro bono support, sponsorship and discounts to ensure the delegate fee is affordable to our members in 40 different countries.

2014 conference (12th-15th August 2014)

2014 is an important year for INSP and for Scotland. To celebrate INSP's 20th anniversary, our 18th annual conference will return to Glasgow, where INSP is based, following the Commonwealth Games (23rd July-3rd August, Glasgow) and prior to the referendum on Scottish independence (18th September).

This year, the conference will build on last year's event, focusing on the future sustainability of street papers with themed days around the main areas of street paper operations (vendors, editorial and the model itself, including innovation and developments in digital publishing).

Registration information has been sent to INSP street papers. If you would like to attend the event but aren’t a member of INSP, please email events(at)

For event sponsorship opportunities, please contact events(at)

Event sponsor


Travel bursaries

Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation

Glasgow City Council

Nuremberg City Council

INSP core supporters group

Glasgow City Council

The Scottish Government

2015 conference

Our 2015 conference will be co-hosted by Real Change in Seattle, USA. 

Past conferences

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