123 street papers ● 41 countries ● 6 continents ● 1 united voice against poverty

Street paper vendors buy copies of the magazine / newspaper at a price of 50% or lower than the cover price and sell it to the public, keeping the proceeds. 

* INSP also provides some support to several other publications who support and advocate for homeless people (but do not operate on the 'street paper' model, according to our membership criteria and charter). 


Gazeta Kiev [Currently not publishing]

Kiev, Ukraine

Phone: +38 44 455 0005
Email: office@nardop.org.ua

Prosto Neba (просто неба)

Lviv, Ukraine

Phone: +380 32 296 3303
Email: prosto_neba@yahoo.com

The Way Home (Дорога к Дому)

Odessa, Ukraine

Phone: +380 48 777 2076
Email: office@wayhome.org.ua